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  • Won 5 Murder Trials in 4 months

  • Record setting Verdict of $10.5 Million

Featured on CourtTV, Discovery ID, USA Today, US News and World Report, ABC News, MSN, and several other Media Outlets

 Former Top Prosecutor




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Kentucky's Premiere

Federal and State Court

Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyer

"I almost always work out a great deal for my clients. But when the other side won't give me what I want, they know they have to face me at trial. And no one is going to out work me. Nobody. Period."



Nick Mudd has handled someone of the nation’s most prominent and high-profile cases. His cases have been featured in news media outlets around the world, including ABC World News, U.S. News and World Report, USA Today, and the Washington Times. He has been featured as a guest commentator on numerous criminal, civil, and social issues with several news media outlets. He even made his Hollywood debut on an episode of "Fear Thy Neighbor." 

His goal is simple: to be “The Best.” Each time. Every time. For every single client, no matter what issues they are facing. Call him now for help with your case. 


You want an attorney who gets results? Or one who talks fluff? Results matter. Period. And Nick Mudd gets those results for his clients.


Nick Mudd is best known for his record setting hot streak when he won 5 murder trials in 4 months. No lawyer in Kentucky has even come close to touching this streak in the last 20 years. But he didn't stop there. He started expanding his practice to handle personal injury and medical malpractice cases and in December 2019 won a  record setting medical malpractice verdict of $10.5 MILLION in damages after a doctor left a surgical sponge in a patient during a routine heart surgery. Now Nick Mudd brings that experience, expertise, and diligence to your case. 

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"I looked the prosecutor in the eye and told him: 'Either I'm getting what I want from you, or I'm getting it from the jury. You decide how much work you want to do on this.' I did just what I said I would do. And my client was found NOT GUILTY."

-Nick Mudd


Being charged with a crime, no matter how serious or how insignificant, can wreak havoc on your life. You can lose your job, lose your family, lose your reputation, lose your liberty, and lose your dignity. Nick Mudd is committed to every client who walks in the door to get them the best possible outcome for their case. At the end of the day, you are left with three options: the case is dismissed, the client pleads guilty, or the case goes to trial. Many lawyers like to be retained and quickly settle the case to, as they say, "get it over for you." That often leads to bad deals, ruined background checks, and/or loss of your freedom. Nick Mudd takes a different approach. With every case that walks in the door, the first two questions he asks ALWAYS are: "(1) How can we get these charges dismissed?; and/or (2) How can we beat this at trial?"


When hiring a lawyer you want someone who knows the judges, knows the prosecutors, and knows the police officers, and is respected by their peers. Nick Mudd is that person. He spent 5 and a half years as a prosecutor, prosecuting some of Kentucky's most high profile cases. Now he brings that experience to you. He is who many in the legal community, even police officers, call when they have been accused of a crime. 

Nick Mudd has extensive experience in the following Criminal Defense practice areas in all District and Circuit Courts of Kentucky, the Federal Western District of Kentucky, the Federal Eastern District of Kentucky, and the Federal Southern District of Indiana.



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"Jury verdicts don't lie. They either pay you what you are owed for pain, suffering, injury, mental anguish, and/or lost wages, or we I will take your case to trial and fight like mad to get you what you are entitled to receive."

Nick Mudd handles a variety of personal injury cases, including serious medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors and hospitals, car wrecks, wrongful death cases, and other serious cases where victims are injured from the negligent acts of others. 

Nick Mudd become most well known by the insurance companies when in December of 2019, after trying for 3 years to get them to settle a hospital negligence claimed, he was forced to battle them at trial and ultimately secured a $10.5 MILLION verdict for his client. 











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