Results Matter. Period.

Good people make mistakes. Everyone knows this is true.

Unfortunately, just because you are a good person, with a family and a career, doesn't mean that police and prosecutors will go easy on you. If you have been accused of a crime, your freedom and future are on the line. The only thing that matters now is protecting them. The only thing that matters now is results. Period.

You want someone on your side who has fought tough charges, and who knows his way around a courtroom. You want an attorney who can prevail even when the odds are against you. And who has the results to back it up. This time. And every time.

Nick Mudd, founding lawyer at Mudd Legal Group in Louisville, is well-known for his record of positive results in difficult criminal defense cases. He is recognized for his record-setting streak in which he won five murder trials in a row within a four-month time frame. No other lawyer in Kentucky in the past decade has come close to touching this record. Now he brings that experience and commitment to success to your case