Who Wins One Murder Trial After Another?

Nick Mudd does.

Winning a single murder trial is reason to celebrate. They are notoriously difficult, and the odds are rarely favorable. A lawyer winning two or three murder trials in a row is nearly unheard of, let alone five in a row.

Nonetheless, during an intense four-month period, Nick Mudd won five murder trials in a row, setting a record that no Kentucky lawyer in the past decade has even come close to. These wins were the result of the experience and sheer determination he brings to every criminal defense case he takes on.

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Trusted Lawyer Born And Raised In Louisville

Born and raised right here in Louisville, Kentucky, Nick Mudd began his career as a criminal prosecutor, gaining experience and a trusted reputation that now serves him well as he defends good people who have found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks and need a helping hand to get back on the right path.

As a local attorney who has dedicated his career to criminal law, he has gotten to know the police, the prosecutors and the judges who work in this region. More importantly, they know him. They know he is honest, ethical and willing to fight for those who deserve another chance. He is willing to fight for you, no matter what criminal charges you face.

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