Ready To Fight For Your Future?

Attorney Nick Mudd is.

Make no mistake, your future is at stake. Even if you have been charged with a relatively minor crime, you will find that a conviction can have long-lasting repercussions. Needless to say, the more serious the charges, the more likely the threat of massive fines, long stays behind bars, the loss of your career, your family and worse.

And you must not expect criminal prosecutors to go easy on you because you are a good person, or because this is your first brush with the law. The system does not work that way. You will need to fight, but you do not need to fight alone.

Nick Mudd, founding lawyer at Mudd Legal Group in Louisville, has a hard-earned reputation for fighting and winning the most serious criminal cases, including murder cases.

Defense Against All Criminal Charges

Nick Mudd's experience and commitment to success mean he is prepared to take on all misdemeanor and felony charges in state or federal court. He frequently:

  • Defends people accused of drunk driving and other alcohol offenses
  • Defends against drug charges of all kinds
  • Defends against white collar charges
  • Defends against weapons violations
  • Defends against theft charges and other property crimes
  • Defends against assault, domestic violence, murder and other violent crimes

His background with technology, which includes working as a software engineer, gives him an added advantage in criminal defense cases with a technological component, which is becoming increasingly common, particularly in computer and online crime cases like fraud or hacking.

His record of success includes defending people of all ages in various settings. In addition to defending adults accused of crimes, he is skilled at defending juvenile and college students against criminal charges. These cases involve a different system, the juvenile court system, or unique aspects such as shock probation and college disciplinary hearings.

Post-Conviction Matters

Nick Mudd represents people in all post-conviction matters. He can defend you against allegations of parole violations. He can help you pursue expungement of your criminal record so you can move on with your life after your brush with the law.

Start Fighting Now

If you are ready to fight for your future with the help of a trusted attorney, you can call Kentucky's Mudd Legal Group at 502-792-9475, or send an email.