A Common Mistake That Can Ruin Your Life

You went out. You had a few drinks. You drove home. This is a mistake that many people have made, and many people keep making it. Mistake or not, when you get caught and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you are at risk of life-changing consequences.

Often, people underestimate the severity of the consequences that come with a DUI conviction. They see it as a relatively minor offense, so they plead guilty thinking they can just pay a fine and be done with it. Soon they learn that the penalties for DUI go beyond mere fines. In Kentucky, even a first offender can face:

  • 2 to 30 days behind bars
  • 90 days of an alcohol counseling program
  • 30 to 120 days with a suspended driver's license

For repeat offenders, these penalties are much higher.

And these are just the official consequences. They do not include the increase in insurance premiums, which, over time, can prove more costly than the fines. They do not include the mark on your record that will follow you around, potentially impacting your career prospects in a competitive employment marketplace.

You Do Not Have To Let This Ruin Your Life

The good news is that you do not simply have to plead guilty and accept your fate. DUI arrests can be fought with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Lawyer Nick Mudd is a skilled attorney and former criminal prosecutor with a reputation for winning tough cases. He knows that DUI cases are not the open and closed cases that police and prosecutors would have you believe. There may be flaws in anything from the way the traffic stop was conducted to the way the breath test machine was maintained. There are ways to win drunk driving cases.

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