Charged With A Drug Crime?

The maze of state and federal drug laws can be difficult to navigate. Often, it seems like the maze only leads in one direction: to serious penalties. However, these cases do not always have to end that way. With the help of a trusted lawyer in Louisville, you may be able to avoid drug crime penalties that could ruin your life.

Attorney Nick Mudd is known for his experience and willing to fight tough criminal charges. He is a trial attorney through and through, and loves nothing more than seating a jury and going to battle to defend good people who have made a mistake. Through trial or negotiation when appropriate, he is committed to defending against state and federal drug charges such as:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug cultivation or manufacturing
  • Drug conspiracy

Cases may involve marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or other illegal substances. They may also involve prescription drugs like Oxycontin possessed or sold without a prescription. Prescription fraud charges may accompany the drug charges.

Is Drug Addiction A Crime?

The reality is that many people who are charged with drug crimes are not criminals, but good people caught in the snares of addiction. This is becoming more and more common, thanks to highly addictive painkillers being prescribed in legitimate situations, but leaving people with an addiction that lasts beyond when the prescription expires.

Nick Mudd believes in looking at the whole situation and telling the whole story, pursuing options for treatment for drug addiction rather than punishment.

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