When A Bright Future Hangs In The Balance

Young people charged with criminal offenses have a lot to lose. This is not just about the immediate punishment, but how one mistake can take a toll on educational and career prospects.

People who think that juvenile charges or charges faced by young adults are minor are not looking at the big picture. Today's colleges and universities are highly competitive. Getting into and staying in a good one should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, many people will be competing for the same jobs upon graduation. What may seem like a minor issue now may be enough to cause someone to be passed over for acceptance in school or for a new job.

Nick Mudd, founding criminal defense lawyer at Mudd Legal Group in Louisville, knows that good people make mistakes. Kids make mistakes. These mistakes should not shut down an otherwise bright future, and he is ready to fight to prevent that from happening.

Nick Mudd defends juveniles and young adults against all criminal charges, including:

  • Underage drinking, drunk driving and other alcohol-related offenses
  • Drug possession and other drug crimes
  • Shoplifting, theft, vandalism and other property crimes

Juvenile Defense

When a juvenile is accused of a crime, the matter is typically handled in juvenile court. This is a completely different system from the adult justice system, and comes with a unique set of rules. What works in adult court may not work in juvenile court, so an attorney needs to know specifically how to handle cases here. Nick Mudd does.

College Student Defense

Nick Mudd defends students at the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Sullivan University, Spalding University and other Kentucky universities and colleges. Not only is he prepared to fight the criminal charges themselves, but he also defends students in student disciplinary hearings.

Fight For Your Future

Whether you have been charged with a crime or you are a parent who wants to protect your child, call 502-792-9475, or send an email.