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Were you accused of a crime? It's time to defend yourself!

Good people get accused of crimes; it's a very simple fact. Whether you were wrongly accused of breaking the law, or you just made a mistake of judgment, you can benefit from a well-crafted criminal defense strategy.

The style of criminal defense you choose will depend on a variety of factors, namely:

  • What are the consequences and potential punishments associated with conviction?
  • How strong is the prosecution's case against you?
  • Is it likely you'll win or lose at trial?

Choosing the way you respond to your allegations is vital

If it's likely you're going to be convicted in court, you might want to consider negotiating a plea bargain deal with the prosecution. If you have a strong chance of winning your case, you should aggressively defend yourself all the way to trial in order to maintain your innocence.

Either way, you'll probably end up responding to your allegations in one of three ways:

A confession: In criminal suits that will likely result in a conviction, defendants may want to confess to their crimes. If the confession follows a favorably negotiated plea bargain agreement, the "confession" approach can help the defendant secure a significant reduction in his or her punishment. Criminal court judges may also treat a defendant who confesses with more compassion in certain situations.

A complete denial: Defendants who have a strong chance of achieving a verdict of not guilty may want to completely deny the allegations while defending themselves in court. During litigation, these defendants can present evidence and alternative interpretations of the facts to cast doubt on the prosecution's attempts to prove guilt. If the prosecution cannot prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he or she will succeed in obtaining a verdict of not guilty.

A confession and explanation: In some cases, the defendant committed the crime, but there is a compelling story that goes along with it. Perhaps the explanation is so compelling that it serves to offer a legal justification for committing the alleged crime. In these situations, the explanation can result in a not guilty verdict. In other cases, the explanation will server to garner the sympathy of the court, and the defendant may receive a warning or a less severe punishment.

What approach is appropriate for your criminal suit?

Every defendant accused of a crime has the right to a criminal defense and an attorney. If you've been accused of a crime, be sure to understand the nature of the allegations being brought against you, the laws that apply to your case and all of the criminal defense options available to respond to your charges.

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