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June 2018 Archives

Potential consequences for DUI in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky levies a variety of different penalties against drivers who are convicted of DUI. Those who are convicted of a first offense within 10 years will be sentenced to a treatment program that lasts for 90 days. They will also have their license suspended for up to 120 days. If a second offense occurs less than 10 years after the first, the penalty increases to a license suspension of up to 18 months.

Is intoxication a valid defense to a crime?

When a crime has been committed, it is expected under the law that the person who committed the crime had full knowledge of what one was doing, and acted with liberty in doing so. For example, if a person was forced by another to commit a crime, with a threat of death or serious injury, it is possible that he or she will be acquitted of the crime in certain circumstances. When a person suffers from alcoholism, it can be argued that this person suffers from an illness that he or she has very little control over, and when the individual is extremely intoxicated, he or she is unaware of the nature of one's actions and unable to make responsible decisions.

Study finds strict alcohol laws reduce drunk driving deaths

Kentucky and other U.S. states could reduce alcohol-related car accidents by strengthening their alcohol control laws. A new study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on May 29, was conducted by researchers at the Grayken Center for Addiction at Boston Medical Center.

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