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Potential consequences for DUI in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky levies a variety of different penalties against drivers who are convicted of DUI. Those who are convicted of a first offense within 10 years will be sentenced to a treatment program that lasts for 90 days. They will also have their license suspended for up to 120 days. If a second offense occurs less than 10 years after the first, the penalty increases to a license suspension of up to 18 months.

In addition, an offender will need to enter into an alcohol treatment program that lasts for one year. The alcohol treatment program requirements remain the same for a third or fourth offense within 10 years. However, the license suspension increases to up to 36 months for a third offense and 60 months for a fourth offense within 10 years. After a second offense within 10 years, drivers may be ordered to install ignition interlock devices.

Drivers could also face a license suspension for refusing to take a chemical test. The suspensions range from 30 days for a first offense to 60 months for a fourth offense. Commercial drivers who are convicted of a DUI will face a license suspension of one year regardless of what type of vehicle they operate while impaired. Furthermore, they will be required to pay $50 and pass the required exams before getting their licenses back.

A person who is caught driving while intoxicated may benefit from hiring an attorney. Legal counsel could help an alleged offender obtain a favorable outcome in their DUI case. By casting doubt on physical evidence or police testimony, it might be possible to get a plea deal or have a case thrown out entirely. Legal counsel may also ask that evidence be suppressed prior to a trial.

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