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October 2018 Archives

DUI testing standards remain unclear in marijuana cases

In Kentucky and elsewhere across the United States, legal restrictions regarding marijuana usage and vehicle operation are unclear. There are no standardized testing procedures across jurisdictions for marijuana-induced impairment other than traditional field sobriety tests. This makes it difficult for authorities to know when and how to charge a driver who is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs. When alcohol is clearly not a factor, this problem can lead to drivers being charged improperly.

Laptops represent the weak link in business data security

IT managers at companies in Kentucky generally place great importance on securing their computer networks from hacking or software attacks. They install firewalls and use encryption to protect data, but laptop computers present a much softer target. Research conducted by technology companies revealed that every laptop has a 10 percent chance of being stolen. This translates into a laptop getting stolen every 53 seconds.

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