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Using laboratory testing to fight drug charges

Facing drug possession charges is never something to approach casually, even if the chagres are relatively minor. Even minor drug charges can result in months or years of jail time and may continue to cause problems long after you serve your time.

Many employers and housing managers simply refuse to consider applicants with drug charges on their record, making it difficult to find good housing or employment.

If you face drug possession charges, it is time to focus your attention on beating these charges with every legal tool that you have.

Use the system to your advantage

The sooner that you begin building your defense, the more time you have to understand the case against you and find weaknesses. First, consider how you received the charges. If police accused you of possession after finding drugs in your vehicle or in your home, you may have grounds to challenge the methods they used. Finding drugs in your home is not an open-and-shut case, especially if other people were recently there.

Likewise, if an officer violated your rights while searching your property, a court may toss out the charges because of the violation. Make sure you carefully examine each side of the evidence against you to understand how to attack it.

Calling for laboratory testing

When you demand laboratory testing of the evidence against you, you place two distinct pressures on the prosecution. First, the prosecution must produce the drugs that they say belong to you. If the evidence got misfiled or otherwise lost, then a court may toss out the charges on lack of evidence.

If the prosecution does produce the evidence, you can demand that a laboratory examine its composition. If the substance does not match the charges against you, this weakens the prosecution's case. Even if the results come back matching the charges, you may have room to question the methods used by the laboratory.

Act now for your freedom

You cannot properly defend yourself against drug charges without a strong legal defense. Do not put off this important step if you value your freedom. A strong defense keeps your rights secure and protects your freedom while you fight to overcome these charges and move on from them. Make sure that you use every legal tool that you have available to protect your future, no matter what charges you face.

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