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Alcohol abuse and drunk driving rates higher among veterans

According to the American Addiction Centers, veterans in Kentucky and throughout the U.S. have been drinking at higher rates in recent years. The data found that the rate of binge alcohol consumption among veterans has increased from 14 percent in 2013 to about 16 percent in 2017. Furthermore, it was determined that the increase was about 3 percent for women, which was significantly higher than the increase for men. An increase in the amount of alcohol consumed by veterans has led to a higher rate of drunk driving.

Among this group, 1.6 percent said that they drove while drunk in 2014. That number has since increased to 2.5 percent. While the overall rate of binge drinking was higher for women, men were more likely to drive after doing so. One reason why veterans may be drinking more is because of trauma experienced while in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of the 3 million members of the military who have been in those countries since 2001, it is believed that up to 30 percent have PTSD. The depression associated with the condition is thought to be a factor in why veterans may be more likely to drink. Furthermore, those who are depressed could be more likely to drive while impaired by alcohol.

Those who are convicted of driving while drunk might face a variety of penalties. Penalties can also be levied on those who refuse to take a breath test or otherwise fail to comply with a lawful command. An attorney could help someone who is facing a drunk or impaired driving charge. For instance, it may be possible to suppress the results of a blood test or contend that a traffic stop that led to a charge was improper.

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