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January 2019 Archives

Alternatives to incarceration reduce recidivism rates

The recent passage of the FIRST STEP Act has been lauded by civil rights advocates as a welcome first step on the road toward a fairer and less discriminatory criminal justice system, but the federal law does not offer any relief to more than 2 million inmates of state prisons and jails in Kentucky and around the country. Much of the discussion over mass incarceration has focused on the disproportionately harsh sentences handed down to African-American defendants in narcotics cases, but most of the progress in this area has been made by local authorities exploring alternatives to prison.

Giving away drugs for free is drug dealing under the law

Teenagers in Kentucky and across the country face a lot of pressures in today's world, and many of them turn to drugs to help them cope. It isn't just street drugs that are a problem. Many teens abuse prescription drugs, some of which are more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. The legal consequences of drug use are serious, and dealing drugs is a crime with even higher penalties. What may alarm many teens and their parents is the fact that no money needs to be exchanged in order for someone to be charged as a drug dealer. If a person gives drugs to another person, the law considers that drug dealing.

The steps that lead to a DUI charge

Those who drive on Kentucky roads while impaired by alcohol could be taken into custody for doing so. Drunk drivers are taken into custody to ensure that they don't hurt themselves or anyone else who is on the road. Individuals may be deemed to be driving while intoxicated even if they don't necessarily feel like they are impaired. An officer may suspect an individual is drunk before or during a traffic stop.

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