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The most common legal consequences of alcohol abuse

If you have a loved one who is dealing with an alcohol addiction, it is likely that you are concerned about their health and well-being, but unsure of exactly how to help them. In addition, you may be worried about them getting in trouble with the law in the state of Kentucky as a result of their alcohol abuse.

Addiction to alcohol can pose many issues for a person's health, safety and the safety of others. People who are able to consume alcohol responsibly can, for example, limit themselves regarding how much they choose to drink. However, those struggling with addition will likely feel compelled to continue drinking, regardless of the circumstances. This can often lead addicts to drive while intoxicated, because they face the pressure of fulfilling daily responsibilities while dealing with their addiction.

What are the consequences of a person driving while heavily intoxicated?

The most important potential consequence relates, simply, to safety. Driving while intoxicated presents a high risk to the driver's safety as well as any passengers in the vehicle and others on the road. This is why driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law in all states, and it is also why it can lead to profound legal consequences. The following are some of the ways a person might be affected by a DUI charge in Kentucky.

Losing child custody

A person's alcohol abuse may give child custody courts a reason to believe that they pose a danger to their children. This is more likely if they have ever driven their children in a car while intoxicated.

Becoming unemployed

Employers cannot usually make decisions on a person's employment based on their private life. However, depending on the person's position, a person may lose their job after a DUI, because of fears about safety and responsible work.

Losing the right to drive

Of course, the most predictable consequence of a DUI is facing a driving ban for a certain amount of time, which can have far-reaching effect on a person's life.

If you are concerned about how a loved one's alcohol addiction could affect their life, it is important that you take the time to learn more about the law.

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