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The steps that lead to a DUI charge

Those who drive on Kentucky roads while impaired by alcohol could be taken into custody for doing so. Drunk drivers are taken into custody to ensure that they don't hurt themselves or anyone else who is on the road. Individuals may be deemed to be driving while intoxicated even if they don't necessarily feel like they are impaired. An officer may suspect an individual is drunk before or during a traffic stop.

For instance, police officers may observe vehicles swerving or being driven without headlights at night. Aggressive driving can also be a sign of impaired driving. Drivers may showcase physical signs of impairment such as slurred speech or an inability to stay upright. Upon observing physical or other signs that a person may be drunk, a driver could be asked to perform field sobriety tests. These tests may include taking a Breathalyzer test or walking in a straight line.

Blood and urine tests could also be conducted as part of an impaired driving investigation. The results of the tests as well as other information obtained by an officer may lead to a person being charged with a DUI. It is worth noting that an individual who is charged with drunk driving is not necessarily guilty of the crime. This is true even if an individual is sent to jail after being taken into custody.

A DUI charge could result in significant consequences such as a license suspension or a large fine. However, an attorney may be able to have evidence suppressed or take other steps that may result in a plea deal or a dismissed charge.

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