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Anyone can commit a financial crime

A sense of entitlement and a lack of oversight could be the causes of white-collar crime in Kentucky and throughout the country. For instance, those who were taken down as part of Operation Varsity Blues were in positions of trust and given leeway to make decisions for themselves. In another case, police officers were charged with receiving pay for hours that they didn't work.

Police officers generally have supervisors, but they are expected to know and follow the law as opposed to using loose oversight in an attempt to enrich themselves. In some cases, those who engage in embezzlement or other types of financial fraud already have significant wealth. In those cases, their upbringing or other cultural norms may have tempted them into committing an illegal act. While these cases may not involve traditional white-collar criminals, they show the types of new opportunities that criminals may have.

However, it is important to point out that the number of prosecutions related to financial crimes have gone down. Therefore, it may be less likely that individuals read about executives stealing from their employers or attempting to manipulate the stock market for their own gain. Of course, as long as there is an opportunity to gain power and influence, some may choose to take it regardless of the legality of their actions.

Individuals who commit financial crimes such as identity theft or embezzlement could be sentenced to jail or prison if convicted. They could also face fines or other financial penalties such as restitution to their victims. An attorney may be able to help a person obtain a favorable outcome in his or her case. This might be done by casting doubt on whether an individual intended to commit a crime or did so involuntarily.

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