When people are stopped for drunk driving and taken into custody, many are immediately hit with negative and overwhelming feelings. People worry about their future, how these charges will affect their family, their finances and their reputation. For some, these charges are especially difficult to deal with. For example, those who already struggle with depression or anxiety will likely find that their mental challenges become even more difficult to work through. After all, drunk driving charges alone can lead to severe emotional disturbances such as becoming depressed or overly stressed out.

DUI charges are intertwined with mental health in other ways. For example, some people who experience unexpected mental disturbances are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence even though they are completely sober. If they fail a field sobriety test and are accused of driving while intoxicated due to alcohol or drug use, it is imperative for them to firmly stand up for themselves and review their legal options at once. Regrettably, many people are taken into custody for driving while intoxicated even though they have not consumed drugs or alcohol.

If you are experiencing mental repercussions in the wake of a DUI case, it is imperative to do everything you can to protect your future (and your mental well-being). Many people in this position are unable to sleep, which leads to even greater mental struggles, and so many facets of one’s life are affected by these charges it is very tough to move forward. However, those charged must review their options and we write more about DUI cases on our website.