The state of Kentucky takes driving under the influence extremely seriously. Even motorists who receive their first DUI convictions may have to pay hefty fines, log time behind bars and surrender their licenses for at least some length of time. In some cases, the state may also require Kentucky drivers who receive DUI convictions to install ignition interlock devices on their cars once they begin driving again, which prevents motorists with DUIs from reoffending. 

When you install an ignition interlock device on your car, truck or van, you must blow an acceptable breath sample into the device before your vehicle starts. You must do this every time you wish to start your vehicle as long as the device remains installed. While this may prove to be a hassle, it also involves a considerable expense. 

Financing the ignition interlock device 

Per, installing and keeping an ignition interlock device on your vehicle following a DUI proves undeniably costly. The application fee alone is going to run you about $105. Then, you should also plan on financing an initial device installation fee, a monthly calibration and monitoring fee and then a device removal fee once the state no longer requires you to have it. You should also expect to pay a $40 reinstatement fee and an additional $12 or $20 in duplicate license fees or renewal license fees, respectively. In other words, the costs associated with an ignition interlock device are numerous and add up fast. 

Understanding ignition interlock device rules 

While state laws only require you to install the ignition interlock device on your primary vehicle, you are not going to be able to drive any other vehicles until you remove your own device. Other people may drive your vehicle that has the device installed on it, but they are going to have to provide an acceptable breath sample to do so. 

Failing to follow these and other rules relating to your ignition interlock device may lead to additional legal trouble. Tampering with the device in any manner has the potential to do the same.