When Kentucky residents face a DUI charge, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, DUI convictions have both long-term and short-term impacts on a person’s life. Today we will take a look at both of these potential impacts that a person can face if convicted.

VeryWell Mind takes a look at the potential impact of DUI convictions. People often discuss a lot of the short-term impacts. These impacts include consequences that could last weeks or months. For example, the court may demand convicted individuals to pay fines or fees. They will have to take time out of their work life and schedule to attend court dates. The convicted individual may even face time in jail depending on what they have done.

Many convicted individuals are on probation after the initial ruling as well. This may involve having an ignition interlock device placed on the car. They may have to attend drunk driving school. Some must complete substance abuse programs. License revocation or suspension is also a common result of a DUI conviction. Some only get their license back after completing one of the aforementioned programs. Barring that, they may wait until a certain period of time passes.

Having a DUI conviction on record also has long-term effects that many do not consider. For example, it could interfere with your ability to find a job. Anyone with a DUI conviction cannot work as a commercial driver. Jobs that need the use of machinery may turn convicted individuals down as well. Convictions even interfere with people’s ability to apply to colleges or apartments. This impact lasts as long as the conviction is on record.