Addiction may strike anyone at any time and, as a result, you may find yourself facing criminal charges with the potential for severe consequences. However, participation in Kentucky’s drug court program may allow you to obtain the help you need to overcome your drug addiction

According to the Kentucky Specialty Courts, you may enter the drug court program as a condition of your probation, through deferred prosecution or through a diversion based on local procedures. While the drug court itself does not have any direct costs, you may have to pay minimal co-payments for obtaining substance abuse treatment services in accordance with the program’s requirements.

The drug court program consists of three phases, each of which you must complete in order to satisfy your requirements. During phase one, or the stabilization phase, you may have to submit to random drug and alcohol screenings, attend weekly court sessions, attend weekly clinical contact hours, enroll in and attend a self-help program, among other requirements. In order to move on to the second phase, you must remain drug-free for a minimum of 30 consecutive days.

During phase two, or the education phase, you must continue to adhere to random drug and alcohol screenings, attend at least two clinical hours each week and go to one court session every two weeks. Additionally, you must maintain full-time employment or participate in court-approved training or education. Further, you must show an appropriate level of understanding of the principles of recovery.

After meeting the necessary requirements and staying drug-free for 90 consecutive days, the court may promote you to phase three. During this phase, your requirements decrease and your privileges increase. In order to move from the third phase to the aftercare component, you must be drug-free for 90 consecutive days and a total of 180 days.

The aftercare component of the drug court program aims to provide you the ongoing support you need to stay sober. The requirements you may have to meet during the aftercare phase depend on your specific needs and the availability of resources in your area.