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Giving away drugs for free is drug dealing under the law

Teenagers in Kentucky and across the country face a lot of pressures in today's world, and many of them turn to drugs to help them cope. It isn't just street drugs that are a problem. Many teens abuse prescription drugs, some of which are more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. The legal consequences of drug use are serious, and dealing drugs is a crime with even higher penalties. What may alarm many teens and their parents is the fact that no money needs to be exchanged in order for someone to be charged as a drug dealer. If a person gives drugs to another person, the law considers that drug dealing.

2 men charged with drug trafficking after accident

Police in a Kentucky town have reported that two men were taken into custody on narcotics possession and trafficking charges on the morning of Nov. 3 at the site of a motor vehicle accident that closed down the southbound lanes of Interstate 65 for several hours. Officers say that they approached the men because they were acting in a suspicious manner. Witnesses are said to have told the officers that as well.

Marijuana possession arrests continue to rise

Even as more states like Kentucky move toward the legalization of medical cannabis, marijuana arrests continue to rise. According to the FBI, someone is arrested on marijuana charges every 48 seconds in the United States. In 2017, there were 659,700 marijuana arrests. There were 653,249 in 2016. According to the report, the enforcement uptick was not marked by a rise in arrests of dealers or producers but by more arrests for simple possession. This comes despite the protests that have risen against these types of arrests.

Kentucky man faces felony drug charges after ATV ride

A 33-year-old Kentucky man is facing felony drug trafficking charges after allegedly driving an all-terrain vehicle while intoxicated in Bell County on April 29. The Arjay resident is charged with one count of trafficking in marijuana, first and third degree counts of trafficking in a controlled substance, possessing drug paraphernalia, driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving without a valid driver's license and operating an ATV on the roadway.

Three accused of drug offenses after police arrests

Police arraigned three people in Kentucky's McCracken County on April 23 and accused of them drug charges. Police say that the McCracken County Sheriff's Department Drug Division led an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a 49-year-old woman, a 32-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman. Police claim that the investigation was launched after they received a complaint that the 49-year-old woman had arranged to sell drugs in the parking lot of one business in Paducah.

Five arrested in drug raid in Kentucky

Authorities in Carlisle County arrested five individuals for drug offenses on March 27. All of the alleged offenders were arrested at apartments in Bardville in the early morning hours after local sheriffs executed several search warrants at homes in one complex. Sheriffs said that they had received multiple complaints about drug sales and trafficking in the complex.

Kentucky woman charged with felonies related to drug possession

A woman in McCracken County is in serious legal jeopardy after she was arrested at her home on felony charges on March 2, 2018. According to law enforcement, the woman was taken into custody after deputies discovered guns, ammunition and illegal narcotics in her home.

Three charged with drug offenses after traffic stop

Following a traffic stop on Feb. 14, three residents of Kentucky are facing several drug charges and are being held in the McCracken County Regional Jail. The three were arrested after a 1:20 a.m. traffic stop for an equipment violation when police stopped the 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. During the stop, the police assessed the driver and determined that she was driving the vehicle while under the influence of methamphetamine.

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